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"What is VAASTU"

Vaastu Shastra is the ancient science of architecture that teaches how to live in harmony with nature and how to influence nature so that it works for your benefit. It is part of a vast body of Vedic knowledge written over 5,000 years ago. ‘Vaastu’ means dwelling and ‘Shastra’ means scientific treatise—the science of designing and building homes according to the eternal laws of nature. There is a natural order and structure to Creation and Vaastu sets forth its principles. Although the same nature exists everywhere, every location is different. Vaastu shows us which places and homes are best to live in.

Whether you live in a simple thatched hut or a substantial estate, if it has been built according to the rules of Vaastu, you will have a heaven—a refuge from the chaos and confusion of the outer world. Nature’s bounty will flow in your life and its severity will be subdued. By living and working in such an environment, nature will support you and your life will progress in a smooth and beautiful way.

Sri Sai Kaleshwara regards the science of Vaastu as a very practical, effective way to solve many of life’s problems. He says, “Good Vaastu creates the main things we need in life—peace, prosperity, power and happiness. If you follow the principles of Vaastu your life will be successful. Vaastu can and will change any person’s life. You can fix your life by using Vaastu. Seriously, it will change your life. In buildings where the secret force of the elements supports you, positive vibrations will flow strongly into your life. I can’t say you will be a huge billionaire, but your life will be so happy. You will be living in bliss. When your land, its surrounding walls, the house and its interiors are built according to Vaastu, it brings a lot of peace prosperity, power and happiness. What else do you need? These are the major issues in human life. Eighty percent of your problems can be solved through Vaastu. Your life will become very happy and blissful.”

Your home’s Vaastu impacts every aspect of your life. It affects you whether you believe in Vaastu or not. Good Vaastu in the places where you live and work brings good fortune, while bad Vaastu creates unnecessary suffering. By following the principles of Vaastu you can transform the quality of life. You can transform anyone’s life. You can change your experience and alter your destiny. With good Vaastu, health, happiness and success come much more easily. While with bad Vaastu, obstacles, problems and hardships will come, seemingly without reason.

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Five Elements Process™ An Ancient Knowledge System Taught by Sri Kaleshwar

Swami Kaleshwar teaches that the energy of the five elements is what awakens a person’s divine channels. The five elements—earth, fire, sky (ether or space), water and air—are the five pillars of Creation. When a master awakens the spiritual energy in a student, the hidden mechanism causing the awakening is the five elements’ energy. This is why the Five Elements Process™ is fundamental to all of Swami’s teachings.

In the Five Elements Process™ you ‘charge’ your soul with the energy of each element. Charging purifies the element in you and heals you. Once you are charged with that element, particular symptoms appear which indicate that you are aligned with the energy of the element and can then use it to heal others. All miracles happen through the five elements’ energy. Ultimately, through advanced techniques to command on the five elements, you become a siddha, a supernatural saint.

The Five Elements Process™ opens an individual’s spiritual channels to connect directly with the cosmic energy. It brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates positive protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful.

This process reveals how to use the divine power of the elements to heal stress, depression and mental and physical disorders, to send healing energy over long distances, and to open channels that enable you to communicate with the angels. The Five Elements Process™ is the basic knowledge underlying all of the ancient systems revealed by Swami Kaleshwar.

The Five Elements Process™ is available below. As correct pronunciation is essential, a recording of Swami chanting the element mantras is also available. Still, it is highly recommended, if at all possible, that you learn this knowledge from a teacher certified by Swami Kaleshwar to be certain that you are doing the practice accurately and repeating the mantras correctly. In addition, the transmission of energy from teacher to student is of great benefit to your practice.

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