Sai Shakti Yoga Healing & Meditation

Sai Shakti Healings

Are you hurting, somewhere, today?

Are you hurting physically? Are you working through a healing challenge? Are you facing a healing crisis?

Are you hurting emotionally? Is your heart sad or tired or angry? Is your pain intense or moderate? Is it current, has it been there a long time?

Do you feel disconnected? Is your productivity suffering? Are your relationships challenging?

We are facing so many challenges to our peace of mind, to our inner peace, to our capacity to maintain in a smooth way in our world.

The Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Connection gets strained sometimes. It even gets sprained or broken sometimes.

Sai Shakti Process


The word "Sai Shakti" is a generic term given to 108 healing techniques and processes introduced to the world by the Swami Sri Kaleshwar.  "Sai" is an Indian word that can mean both mother and father and "Shakti" is the creative energy of the universe. 

Sai Shakti healing techniques are ancient yogic methods that purify the mind, body and soul of mental and emotional disturbances, physical illness and wash out many personal blocks that may be stopping you from achieving your personal and spiritual goals. Sai Shakti processes help you to create spiritual channels that allow you to suck cosmic energy, empowering your soul so you may heal your self, heal other people, meditate and become a spiritual master.
The processes of Sai Shakti healing work with ancient mantras (words containing spiritual power) and yantras (geometrical shapes containing a form of spiritual energy). By repeating a mantra one hundred and eight times a day for forty one days, you will charge the mantras energy in your soul. You may then use that power to heal your self and others. This is also a meditative process and will help you to calm your mind and deepen your meditation practice.

These techniques were also practiced by Sri Kaleshwar and his master Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharishi. Sai Baba first appeared to Kaleshwar when he was fourteen years old whilst he was on his way to school. He appeared to Kaleshwar as a beggar who would visit the temple where  kaleshwar was staying whilst he was studying for his exams. It was Shirdi Sai Baba who awakened Kaleshwar's spiritual energy channels and healing channels. Kaleshwar was eventually guided to hundreds of palm leaf manuscripts that contained ancient processes for understanding your soul, the mechanism's of life and death, the true reality, how to heal the soul, and experience true bliss and enlightenment. It is these techniques and processes that can be used to heal many of your personal problems and wash out depressions, unhappiness, heal physical sickness and bring out your true potential. Although Kaleshwar reintroduced these processes, it would not have happened without his master, Shirdi Sai Baba. Ultimately it is his master's grace and guidance that is the catalyst for Kaleshwar's work and teachings. This is another reason why the generic term, "Sai Shakti" is used to represent all of these healing processes.

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