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Personal Mantra -  by Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami

Your personal key to access the energyYour Personal Mantra is a personal key. When you start to give healings, you don’t need to chant hundreds of prayers. One Personal Mantra works and covers everything.
When I touch somebody, I just think of my master, seeing him in my visions, and chant my Personal Mantra. Even when I’m just walking peacefully, not healing anyone, most of the time I’m chanting my Personal Mantra.My Personal Mantra is equal to prayers I have learned. Huge results are hidden in the Personal Mantras. It is a key. You don’t need to operate everything—just open the energy with your Personal Mantra.Putting a small seed in your soulYour Personal Mantra is nothing but putting a small seed in your soul. It keeps making the soul to grow powerful.What type of seed you’re receiving, that’s important. There’s the purpose of the seed you received. Of course, you and your master know it.Some people, they take their Personal Mantra and keep chanting and chanting it, and then they jump to another channel. That’s okay. Like Buddha—he received just one word in his initiation. One word is enough to create amazing things. Automatically, it creates everything.It’s like a huge creation. It’s like you disappear in this leela- you’re completely out of your body. Then it produces a small piece of you and again you start to grow. So even with a small seed, you don’t know how big a tree is hidden in it.Some of the inner reasons for the Personal Mantras I chose for most people are for commanding on the Shiva energy. I am giving you a Personal Mantra for connecting to Shiva. But for certain people, I gave the same word for all three Personal Mantras. Don’t feel it’s like a little up and down. It’s like twin brothers. It’s completely Shiva energy. Everybody’s Personal Mantras are completely charged with Shiva energy. One hundred percent, I fixed the letters, the bijaksharas.


Why you need to keep your Personal Mantra a secret.......

The Personal Mantra is usually less than five words. The Personal Mantra is also very, very, very serious and important.You can never say it aloud or tell it to anybody else. If you tell it to anybody, forget it, it will never work again. You have to pick up another one. Don’t even tell it like a joke to anybody. Even if you know somebody is meditating with the same mantra, you have to act innocent, like you don’t know....Whenever you’re chanting it, don’t give anybody the chance to hear your Personal Mantra. If somebody just hears your Personal Mantra and they’re not even interested in taking it, your energy still goes to them. All your meditation power is transferred to them. Your Personal Mantra has that much huge capability.That’s why I keep begging you not to tell anyone your Personal Mantra. It’s most dangerous.

Caution Point:
It’s not advisable to take the Personal Mantra someone else gave you and use it with these techniques. It’s like putting a woman’s head on a man’s body. All these stages and techniques are a pure siddhi purusha process. Then it’s going to the deeper channel, connecting, hooking Mother Divine and Shiva, making a strong bond, a link, hooking. With all the Personal Mantras I have given, almost all the vibrations are there. - Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami

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