Sai Shakti Yoga Healing & Meditation

Healing Process

Introducing Sai Shakti Healing

When you begin the process, all of you starts to heal, powerfully, quickly, from the inside out. The Infinite Healing Intelligence in YOU wants you to be healthy and happy, in this oh-so-finite world.

In the context of what he calls the Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Connection, the Sai Shakti Healing System brings powerful healing tools to you.

Seven chakras

There are seven (7) “energy spots” on our body, some of them correlating to what we know of as the “chakras”:

  1. the middle of the bottom of each foot
  2. behind the knees
  3. at the navel
  4. the heart
  5. the middle of the eyebrow
  6. the crown of the head
  7. on the spine, behind and below the navel

Our senses are also involved in the Sai Shakti Healing System. Sound can have a profound impact in the healing process. Smell also can work in a powerful way. And our eyes play a powerful role in the healing process.

Beginning the journey

This is a science based in ancient knowledge, unadulterated by novelties or caprice or fancy. When we begin to understand how positive and negative influences are at work all around us all the time, we begin to empower ourselves in our journey to balance, health and wellness. The Sai Shakti Healing System makes appropriate use of this knowledge in a practical and effective way to help you heal from whatever challenges may be in the way of your well-being.


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