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Quotes Over the period of 2 years I had several healing sessions with Mark (Sai Satchitananda) and when I look back at this whole experience is like walking up the stairs. With every session cleansing seamed to reach deeper and lifting me higher. The flow of energy that I could feel as soon as I lay down like electric socks, and the messages coming though. It all made me appreciate who I am, who he is. Thank you so much for all that you do. Dziekuje ze jestes. Namaste <3 Dorota Quotes

Quotes I have had several healing sessions with Mark Sai Satchitananda and each experience was incredibly deep, cleansing, and rejuvenating. The sensation was almost cosmic, and the peace that comes after the session is almost overwhelming. Healing on a spiritual level is a process, but with the right guidance (Mark), the healing will come. Thank you so much for helping me. Quotes
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Quotes Thank you for the great Divine Energy what I received at the last Sai Shakti Healing Session God bless you Namaste Quotes
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