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A Sai Shakti treatment can be used to remove many problems. Sai Shakti differs to most other healing systems by addressing the problems and sicknesses that are carried in your soul. It is a method of going directly to your soul by placing the thumb and fingers on the forehead, head and other major energy points on the body whilst giving Shaktipat (energy transmission). This transmission lights up your soul giving new energy to help remove the darkness that is causing your problems.

The body, mind and emotions will become unstable and get sick because of Karmic (past & present actions) residue built up through life and held in your soul. For example if you receive a shock and a loved one dies, the shock goes to your heart and emotions. The deep sadness that comes from this shock can overwhelm some people, creating an energy vibration that effects your emotions and breaks your heart. This heartbreak has a direct impact on your soul and unless it is addressed it can be carried through your life making you feel unhappy, leading to sickness and depression. This is just one example of heartbreak. This is a number one problem in the world at the moment and it can be addressed through Sai Shakti treatments and practices.

A treatment aims to pull you out of the darkness that is causing your problem and gives you a high positive energy allowing you to overcome present life situations. It will lead you back to a blissful and happy state of mind by inducing relaxation and an eventual state of detachment from those memories and worries that are stopping you from moving forward with your life.

A treatment can be done whilst you are sitting, laying or long distance. You are fully clothed throughout the treatment.

Sai Shakti may help treat your emotions, depression, stress, negativity in your mind, body pains and aches, cancer, addictions and may other problems.


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